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Athera’s Odyssey: Celebratory EditionšŸ„‚

Raising a toast to Athera’s 2023: People, progress and some bold bets!

In the third edition of Atheraā€™s Odyssey, we are celebrating:

  1. Atheraā€™s 2023 Wrapped – the fulfilling culmination of some journeys, and exciting beginnings of many more; with a very special shoutout
  2. Risk hai toh ishq hai, aur gains bhi – covering 23 gutsy moves in the ecosystem that defined the space they operated in
  3. The Constellations of Success – applauding founders and their resilient triumphs
  4. On-the-go BitesĀ –Ā interesting VC terms you should know

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May your startups soar, your due diligence be swift, and your cap tables be nothing short of legendary!

Wishing you all a fabulous holiday season and an adventurous 2024!