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Samir Kumar

Investment Team

“The Athera (then Inventus) team walks the talk about being entrepreneur-friendly. They bring in tremendous experience with scaling technology companies that have helped shape our critical successful decisions.”

Parag Dhol

Investment Team

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Athera (then Inventus) team ever since our first interaction with them. They have been no-nonsense, fast-moving, incredible supporters. Ever ready to help out and always keep an eye out for potential opportunities. Great team to have your back.”

Rutvik Doshi

Investment Team

“Humbleness, A Partner, and Trust”, comes to my mind when I think about Athera. One of the most memorable things that I recall about them is their resolve to follow up on investment into Euler Motors even though Covid-19 uncertainties had engulfed the Startup Ecosystem.”

Saksham Pant

Investment Team

“Athera (then Inventus) is thoughtful and friendly. Just the kind of people an entrepreneur wants on their board.”

Swati Murarka

Investment Team

“Athera (then Inventus) team stands out in how grounded they are. They don’t chase “flavours of the year” but go for real companies and founders. They are founders first in decision making and really get product, innovation. They supported us in key pivots that were long term good bets with short term pain.”

Mangala Jois

Business Administration

“Athera led our Series A as well as Series B round of funding. We are grateful to have them on the board helping us navigate the hardships that come with growing a global brand. The crucial advice at every step has helped us expand from 15 to 40 countries, and go from 250k users in 2019 to 1 million in 2022.”