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Tanya joined Athera after 10 years of working in Assurance and Financial due diligence at KPMG. Her experience at KPMG cuts across extorts and at various stages of an organisation’s journey from incubation to growth and debt listing.


Industry & startup experience

Tanya worked with and advised startups in the e-commerce, AdTech and retail sectors. She has helped finance teams streamline processes and maintain compliances. She has also advised and guided venture capital and private equity firms in carrying out financial diligences alongside reviewing deal documentation.


At Athera, she assists in evaluating potential investments from a financial standpoint and also assists in deal structuring. Tanya guides portfolio companies in streamlining their finance processes along with assisting them on complicated accounting/tax matters. She also helps in LP reporting, valuation and other matters.


Tanya is passionate about helping startups scale up and ensure that they have a tailor made governance process in place to help them accelerate their growth and make the most of the resources available to them.



Tanya is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants India and has a Bachelors in Commerce from M.D.S.U Ajmer.

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